ROCK ON! From Room to Room with Sonos

Where would we be without our tunes? Music can set the mood for a romantic evening, or pick you up when you’re feeling down. This being said, it’s important to stay up to speed with the coolest new music entertainment systems on the market today.

Hot off the press, the Sonos wireless music system is the newest and hottest in music entertainment systems. Compatible with iPod and your iLibrary, this multi-room music system allows you to access your favorite songs wirelessly from anywhere in your home. The Sonos system allows a consumer to listen to music from a variety of sources: Your iLibrary, Mp3, C.D. player, a friend’s iPod, and Internet Radio Stations including Pandora, Sirius, and Rhapsody.

Zone players are the actual boxes from which the sound comes and should be placed in the areas you will most commonly want to listen to music. The controllers, or your iPhone, will allow you to control whether to listen to one Zone player individually, or turn on all of your Zone players and listen to music in several locations throughout the house. Perhaps the coolest thing about the Sonos system and its multi-room music system, is that if you so choose, you may listen to music from a different source on each Zone player. If you would like to listen to music from your MP3 player while working in the office, but your spouse would like to listen to Pandora in the kitchen, it is possible to do both with a Sonos system. If you are thinking about getting started with a Sonos system, I would recommend the Sonos Bundle 150; it is the best bang for your buck and the most affordable way to get started with this system.

This wireless music system is easy to put together and well worth its price. This bundle includes two Sonos Zone Players, speakers, and a controller. You can also purchase each part of the Sonos system separately in the event that you need a new controller, and just wanted to add a few more Zone Players.

So put away the boom box, and ditch the C.D. player, the Sonos puts all the rest to shame.

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