Sony Launches their Largest 85” 4K Ultra HD TV at Starpower

DALLAS, TEXAS, June 23, 2014 – Starpower Home Entertainment Systems, Inc. (“Starpower”) and Sony Electronics Corporation (“Sony”) will host the world premiere of Sony’s latest and biggest 4K Ultra HD TV on Thursday, June 26th beginning at 6pm. “We are thrilled to be the first to showcase this amazing TV to our clients. Our partnership with Sony insures we are the first and best place to experience such innovative products.” said David Pidgeon, CEO of Starpower. Starpower is inviting the public to be some of the first in the country to see Sony’s 85-inch 4K Ultra HD TV which has never been seen outside the Consumer Electronics Show.

Starpower continues to be at the forefront of new and emerging technologies. Each Starpower location is fitted with cutting-edge interactive media rooms and stocked with the widest selection of 4K Ultra HD technology in Texas. Starpower is the only retailer to receive the Excellence in Retailing Award from TWICE magazine a record three times.

During the event, Starpower will provide entertainment, promotional giveaways, 4K Ultra HD demonstrations, cocktails and hors d’oeuvres cooked in the Thermador Live Kitchen by Chef David Heyen. Executives from Sony along with local radio personalities and celebrities will be in attendance to celebrate with our customers.

Attendees will hold the chance to win Sony’s 85-inch 4K Ultra HD TV. Scratch cards will be given to all who attend with the chance to win the groundbreaking TV or many other prizes.

The world premiere event will take place inside the Starpower’s North Dallas showroom located at 15340 Dallas Parkway, Dallas, TX 75248 on the Dallas North Tollway just north of Beltline beginning Thursday, June 26th at 6pm. The event is open to the public and anyone interested in attending the event can RSVP via email at Sony’s 85-inch 4K Ultra HD TV will be on display through the July 4th weekend.

Starpower has three locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in North Dallas, Uptown and Southlake, as well as a showroom in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Star Dad Gift Guide

Treat Dad like the star he is this Father’s Day . We have everything a Dad could want…. from big cinema quality TV’s and projectors to wireless speaker systems he can enjoy outdoors. With brands like Sony, Samsung, Sonos, and Sennheiser wireless headphones…He is sure to enjoy this gift for years to come. Our award winning staff has extensive training on all of our products so we can make it easier for you to pick out the best gifts for Dad or yourself.

We want your old projector


Why do you own a projector? Did you want a more intimate cinematic experience? More life-like experience?

Projectors and the overall cinematic experience have come a long way. Movie studios used to send 35-millimeter films in boxes about the size of a briefcase to theaters. An average-length movie arrived in three boxes and it would be up to the theater staff to splice the reels of film together and make sure everything was synced so the movie played correctly. Today, theaters in our home are more than just the way to watch a movie. It is the gathering place for sports, concerts, gaming, online videos, photo slideshows and homemade videos are effortlessly played via new technology. Incredibly high resolution quality is transferred to home theater systems via wireless connections to our laptops and through internet connections. The projector has a big role in creating the quality images that draw you into the action. And now we have 4K. Ultra HD 4K is the highest resolution sold today. If you have never experienced 4K, it is quite a sight to behold. 4K is 4 times the resolution of the previous standard of 1080p. What this means is crisp sharp pictures that no longer has fuzzy edges or blurriness- even a foot away from the image. Arguably, 4K content has more resolution than the eye is capable of seeing. The first time you see it, you will be blown away.

Interestingly, 4K is not new. Virtually all of the movies from Sony Pictures have been filmed with 4K resolution cameras for the last 10 years. In addition, the movie industry is working feverishly at remastering old movies into the higher resolution. Even your favorite shows are being shown in 4K from Netflix and Amazon. Soon, you will see over the air broadcasts including FIFA world cup broadcast over DirecTV via their “Genie” receiver, which is capable of broadcasting 4K. Things are moving quickly and 4K is quickly becoming the standard.

Projectors offer a great way to get that big cinema experience in the comfort of your own home. Your old projector shouldn’t stop you from getting the cinema experience you want. The options are for all price ranges. Put new life in family gatherings as your theater is revived!

For a limited time, Starpower will pay you to trade up to a cinema grade projector. Trade in your old projector and get $500 to $5,000 toward the purchase of a new projector. Brands like Sony, EPSON, JVC, Digital Projection, Sim2 including 4k ultra HD projectors. Just think…you could have cinema quality in your home! And you’re getting the cinema experience you want for much less than you would think!

• An EPSON 1080p 3D projector originally$3488. With an instant $1000 demo discount and a minimum of your $500 trade-in value…. this makes this projector $1988!

• A SONY 1080p projector originally $3999. With a minimum $500 trade-in value… this makes your brand new projector $3499!

• A SONY 4k Ultra HD projector with a new price of $14,999. With a minimum of $500 trade-in value… this makes your brand new projector $14,499!

Your projector must be in working condition. What are we doing with your old projector? We are cleaning it up and donating it to a local school in need. Students will be able to screen their student films and teachers can get the most out of their lectures with your old projector.
Want to get the full cinema experience with buttery soft custom leather seating? We’ve got you covered for that too. You can relax in a 100% custom leather seat starting at $788 on select colors.

Visit one of Starpower’s locations and get an exclusive demo in one of our interactive media rooms. Experience the jump from 1080p to the true cinematic experience of 4K… four times clearer than 1080p!

Starpower’s Gone Mad

As you know, I have a passion for high performance audio and video systems. What you may not know, is I also have a huge passion for basketball. This is my favorite time of the year. I know I can pick the regional championship teams, can you?

Whether you have a strategy or not, you can still enter! With a purchase of at least $5,000, you can pick your teams. If you are correct, you will get your purchase for FREE. Here are some popular strategies for picking your bracket:

Hot or Not?

People often look at a team’s momentum when choosing their bracket. Teams that have won their conference tournament before entering post season have been contenders in the National Championship.  The #4 seed, Michigan State, beat out Michigan for the Big Ten Conference Championship and is now an east region favorite.  The overall #1 seed, Florida, hasn’t lost a game since December and is favored to be this year’s National Champions.


Unlike the NBA, the college game still belongs to the coaches. Even if you haven’t watched college hoops, you’re likely still familiar with Coach K, Rick Pitino, John Calipari and Jim Boeheim. When it comes time to fill out your bracket, trust in the top coaches as they always find a way to put their teams in a position to win big games.


Top basketball analysts use experience as a strategy for picking their bracket this time of the year. Some fill out their brackets based on the presence of veteran players on the competing teams. Florida’s head coach Billy Donovan entrusts the ball to his veteran players Scottie Wilbekin, Casey Prather and Patrick Young. On the other hand, the #8 seed, Kentucky, is led by extraordinarily talented freshmen. Analysts predict they will make a run in the 2014 NCAA tournament.


One thing that makes basketball so entertaining is the fact that one player can elevate a team. History tells us that the best players win the biggest games. As a Syracuse freshman, Carmelo Anthony led his team to a National Championship averaging 22.2ppg and 10rpg. A few standout players to watch in the tournament this year are Duke’s Jabari Parker, Oklahoma State’s Marcus Smart, Louisville’s Russ Smith and Michigan State’s Gary Harris.

Are you ready to pick your teams? Shop at any Starpower location, pay for your purchase in full before March 19th and make your picks. You can view the full terms and conditions at Come in to our N Dallas, Southlake, Uptown or Scottsdale, AZ store or request a quote online below!

Starpower Gives Purchase To Customers Who Pick The Final Four Teams With NCAA Promotion

DALLAS, TEXAS, March 12, 2014 – Starpower Home Entertainment Systems, Inc. (“Starpower”) is offering to pay for customer purchases of $5,000 or more to anyone who can accurately pick the final four basketball teams in the 2014 NCAA championship as well as qualify under the promotion rules. Prior purchases are not eligible and customers participating must complete an agreement with Starpower by March 19th designating the teams of choice. The Final Four Offer begins on March 10, 2014. The NCAA promotion purchases must be made between March 10 and March 19, 2014. The purchases are non-cancellable and must be paid in full no later than March 19, 2014. Failure to make payment in full and select Final Four picks by March 19, 2014, will disqualify entries.

“This is a great opportunity, especially for those who are already in the market to purchase quality audio, video, custom leather, or perhaps put in a new media room,” said David Pidgeon, CEO of Starpower. “I know it’s crazy, but we could potentially give back a million dollars to customers who pick the exact final four teams. I think I can pick the final four. I’m just wondering if there are customers out there who think they can pick them too.”

Customers who participate must follow contest rules to qualify. Visit to see complete rules .

Starpower has three locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in North Dallas, Uptown and Southlake, as well as a showroom in Scottsdale, Arizona.