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4K – The next generation of television is here

Satellites are beaming down 4K content. 4K movies and shows are available on-demand through the most popular streaming media services. People are recording 4K videos from the palms of their hands. 4K Blu-ray discs are launching by the end of the year. Yes, it’s official… 4K is here to stay!

So, what is 4K? The answer is simple. Higher resolution images. 4K technology has rewritten the rulebook when it comes to image quality. Multiply the amount of pixels on your current 1080p screen displays by four, and that’s how many pixels are in 4K displays…around 8 million. The more pixels there are, the more detail that can be brought to an image. Those 8 million pixels make all the difference. With 4 times the resolution of current 1080P, you can see the dimples on a golf ball as you watch one of the pros line up his putt.

4K-resolution (1)

4K is not just another trend. The 4K market is growing fast and 4K TV’s are much more affordable than ever before. More and more content is being developed to pair with the capabilities offered in 4K. The question is who is providing 4K content? Today, anyone can create 4K videos. On a consumer level, 4K recording is now included into everything from smartphones and camcorders to drones and GoPros. And the prices for these devices are rapidly dropping.

Big movie studios, such as Sony Pictures Entertainment, have been recording and remastering movies in 4K for years. Sony began offering 4K projectors as early as 2004. The projection of 4K movies took hold of the masses in 2011 as more 4K movies were released and more theaters adopted the new technology. Today, there are more ways than ever to get 4K content.

For on-demand streaming, you can fire up Netflix or Amazon Instant Video to get movies and TV shows delivered in 4K quality. Each service offers exclusive movies and shows which were filmed or remastered in 4K. More streaming media services, such as Vudu and Hulu, have announced plans to release 4K content within the year. Looking to improve your golf swing? You can watch golf tutorials in glorious 4K on YouTube! YouTube has been streaming 4K videos since 2010. To get the best 4K experience you will need a fast broadband connection. 4K content is becoming increasingly accessible as Google, Verizon, and AT&T have been rolling out gigabit internet services around the U.S.


Don’t have a fast internet connection? Late last year, Direct TV launched a satellite capable of sending 4K content down to subscribers. Currently, the satellite service provider offers a set top box which works with compatible 4K Ultra HD TV’s to bring on-demand 4K entertainment. DISH Network is working on bringing the new standard of television to the masses without the need of a fast internet connection. 4K satellite broadcasts have been available in the United Kingdom since early this year. Recently, tech companies have been successfully testing over-the-air 4K content through antennas. That’s right, revitalizing the ole rabbit ears to receive 4K content.

For film buffs looking to get true cinema quality picture and sound without a monthly subscription to a new service, prepare yourself for 4K Blu-Ray. These 4K capable devices are coming at the end of the year. 4K movies require much more space than full 1080P movies; however advancement of the Blu-ray technology will bring 4K content in its best form to existing disc size. No streaming. No internet connection. With 4K Blu-ray movies, you’ll notice nuances of characters and scenes that you’ve never been able to see before. With 4K, you’ll unlock more of the story by seeing the film the way the director intended.

When it comes to consumer use, 4K is the pinnacle of picture clarity. But, what’s beyond 4K? In the future, 4K TV’s will come equipped with organic light emitting diodes, also known as OLED. This technology enhances 4K’s colors palette providing vibrant colors, deep blacks, and bright whites. You also may have heard of some companies working on 8K, which offers four times the resolution of 4K. 8K will be used more for commercial applications, such as entire wall coverings and high-end home theaters.


The future is clear for 4K. With the recent price drops, 4K content and new 4K delivery systems in place, now is the time to make the switch to the next generation of television. Once you make the jump, you’ll never want to go back.

Go Outside and Play

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In the last few years, there has been a noticeable shift in the way we use our backyards. In fact, some say it is no longer their “yard,” but an extension of their home.Today, you see so many creative and innovative uses. Barbecues have turned into full blown kitchens, umbrella tables have turned into large dining rooms with serving buffets, coolers have turned into walk up bars complete with beer taps, refrigerators and sinks, and lawn chairs have transformed into living rooms including fireplaces and HD television screens. It is quite impressive what people are choosing to do in their backyards. And why shouldn’t we transform these areas? You paid good money for the real estate. You should enjoy every inch of your property.

One thing I have noticed is, while tens of thousands of dollars are being spent on appliances, stonework and furniture, we sometimes forget one of the biggest pleasures of relaxing outdoors – the music. Music sets the mood, welcomes visitors to your backyard wonderland and just makes everything better. No summer seems complete unless we have a little Jimmy Buffet playing “Margaritaville” while we sip those magical drinks around the pool.

One thing to consider is that using your backyard for entertaining brings about a different listening environment than your home theater. Traditional on-wall outdoor speakers, or “rock” speakers, often result in “hot spots” where music sounds almost perfect in a specific area but not very good in the majority of the yard. Both hot spots and dead spots can be quite annoying.

Many believe just adding more speakers will fix the issue. However, often times it does not. Part of the problem is the technology used in traditional outdoor speakers is designed to project sound to a particular point (hot spot). This contradicts most people’s goals of filling the backyard with sound. Filling an area with sound is best accomplished by using commercially engineered audio systems.

I am sure you have heard these systems before but may not have realized. Think of outdoor shopping centers where entire outdoor parking areas are filled with sound. Or a resort where you stayed and listened by the pool. Whatever the experience, I’ll bet you remember it. You probably felt connected to the environment by not having to move your chair to find a good place to sit, nor did you have to scream your conversation to be heard. One thing you probably won’t remember is seeing the speakers. That is because they are mostly hidden. Buried underground or disguised behind shrubbery, these systems perform best when they are not even seen.

Commercial quality sound systems perform superbly in open-air environments and offer sound that “fills” rather than “projects.” There is a lot of technical explanation, but what is important is that, if properly designed, a commercial landscape system will create a “full” experience.

Until recently, these systems were too costly and used rarely used outside of high dollar commercial applications. Manufacturers of these systems historically custom made each of them, resulting in high costs. But standardizing solutions and a lowering of the cost of this technology has increased demand for these types of sound systems. You will still spend slightly more for this system than traditional speakers, but the spectacular systems are well worth the cost. The backyard literally becomes your own private concert venue, complete with heart pounding bass and a rhythm you “feel” rather than listen to.

At lower volume levels, the system still performs by warmly filling the air around you with your favorite music. One of the key advantages is that is does not overwhelm – it naturally enhances the outdoor environment as if it is not even there.

Systems such as these complete, with everything you need to begin playing music, start around $2500. One wonderful feature is these systems are scalable, as you may want to start out covering a smaller portion of the yard and then build up over time. There is some underground wiring for these systems that can be installed by you or a landscaper. It will be important that you have a proper design; this is not something that you will want to do “off the shelf.” An expert needs to guide you, but it is simpler than you think.

Summer is in full swing and now is the time to enjoy the backyard. So go outside and play – you will rediscover your backyard all over again.

Upscale Your Experience


The latest 75” Sony 4K Ultra HDTV displays a picture so clear, you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of all of the action. With such high quality, there is nothing to remind you that what you’re seeing is limited to a TV screen. Under the hood is Sony’s Processor X1. The X1 boasts better picture quality from any source with improved contrast, color and clarity. The newest feature in Sony’s latest 4K is Android TV which brings the world’s most popular mobile platform to the television.

This online video review shows you exactly how impressive the features of this TV are:


Complete clarity and vibrant colors allow you to see every detail of the content you are viewing.  However, enhanced 4K Ultra HD capabilities are not all this Sony TV has to offer. You can use voice control to search for your favorite shows efficiently, connect with Google for online streaming, use your cell phone as a remote control, experience precise motion clarity with Motionflow™ XR 960, stream PS3 games directly to your TV, and control your TV with ‘one-flick’ of a touchpad remote control. This 75” Sony 4K does all of the work so you don’t have to.


We currently have the newest 75” Sony 4K Ultra HDTV on display in our Southlake and Knox showrooms. Experience the future of 4K for yourself. Play around with the voice control, online streaming, and 4K features first-hand at our Southlake and Knox locations. Upscale your experience with the 75” Sony 4K Ultra HDTV at Starpower.



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EXPO 2015 – First Time Showings and Giveaways

At Starpower, we want you to experience the latest and greatest innovations to come out of the brands you love. At our 2015 EXPO, March 20 – 22, you can be one of the first in the nation to experience the latest cutting edge innovations. See the latest in home automation, laser projectors, surround sound technology and high-performance appliances. Some of these products have not been seen outside of this year’s CES! We’ve packed the best possible audio,video,automation and appliance experiences in the nation under one roof.


First time showings:

Sony’s Ultra-Thin 75-inch 4K Ultra HD TV

Sony’s latest and greatest 4K TV features a bezel-free design which is so thin it fills the screen to the very edge. HD is upscaled to impressive 4K Ultra HD while streaming 4K Ultra HD (Netflix, Amazon, etc.) is also enhanced for improved clarity. The TV features Android TV with Google Cast, voice search, Play Store apps plus the ability to stream PS3® games. Sony takes it another step by improving color accuracy with its TRILUMINOS™ display. All of this is packed into TV which is no thicker than a smart phone. See Sony’s thinnest TV ever in action at EXPO!


Samsung’s 65-inch 4K SUHD TV

Samsung has introducing a new category of TVs. With 4K SUHD TVs, now you can experience stunning colors, deep contrast, incredible brightness, and 4K resolution that redefines your TV viewing experience. Samsung’s 4K SUHD TV has completely redefined the viewing experience with revolutionary Nano-crystal technology which reveals brilliant colors and details you never knew were there. Experience Samsung’s most superior level of color, contrast, and brightness at EXPO!


JBL Synthesis K2 S9900 Floorstanding speakers

Project K2 S9900 is one of the most advanced and sophisticated loudspeakers in the world today. The K2 S9900 was built around compression driver technology and addresses a more refined stereo image than was previously considered technically feasible. These beautiful floorstanding speakers offer incredible sound and life-like dynamic range. Hear the K2’s incredible sound at EXPO!


More First-Time Showings:

Wolf Gourmet Countertop Appliances – Blender

Wolf Gourmet countertop appliances are created with the attention to detail you have come to expect from Wolf. The Wolf Gourmet Blender offers complete control for complex recipes and pre-programmed settings for one touch smoothies and soups. Infinite speed control and quiet design are just the beginning.


Wolf Gourmet Countertop Appliances – 4-Slice Toaster

Wolf Gourmet toasters are crafted with advanced toasting technology. We equipped the toasters with unique self-centering bread guides to deliver perfectly even results, regardless of bread type. Enjoy crunchy English muffins, golden toasted crumpets, brioche with a hint of color, or crisp and chewy bagels. You choose the browning with the precise control of the shade selector knob – from light to dark and everything in between.


Wolf Gourmet Cookware – 10-Piece Cookware Set

Begin new culinary adventures with a 10-piece cookware set from Wolf Gourmet. Durable 7-ply construction with an aluminum core offers superior performance and even heat distribution so you can sear scallops, simmer Bolognese sauce, and braise short ribs with confidence. Ergonomic handles fit comfortably in your hand and are easy to grip. This cookware will be your trusted companion for a lifetime of cooking pleasure.


Klipsch’s Dolby Atmos-enabled RP-280A Floorstanding Speakers  

These Atmos-enabled floorstanding speakers are the largest speakers in Klipsch’s Reference Premier Series. They feature an angled speaker which kicks out powerful audio that flows all around you. Klipsch’s latest and greatest aren’t shipping until later this year but we are demoing the RP-280A’s all weekend. Experience the difference of Dolby Atmos and Klipsch at EXPO!


JBL Synthesis SDP-25 Surround Processor and SDA-7200 Multichannel Amplifier

Thanks to these two products, JBL Synthesis offers a lower-cost, high-quality preamp/amplifier solution that is ideal for smaller rooms while packing the same JBL Synthesis performance.  The SDP-25 can accommodate 4K Ultra HD and 3D video source components and displays. Both components deliver the superlative sound quality that is inherent in every JBL Synthesis product. See the new JBL Synthesis package at EXPO and get a $5000 Synthesis calibration with purchase. 


Starpower Giveaways:

We have plenty of things to see and experience at the 2015 EXPO. There will be chefs cooking in our live kitchens, unbeatable deals, and live product demos. Plus, you can register-to-win: 

-   a pair of SVS satellite speakers each day of EXPO

–   a Miele Vacuum cleaner ($600 value)

–   a Miele coffee system ($2000 value)

–   a Bosch dishwasher ($1500 value)

Visit during EXPO (March 20 – 22) for details on how to win!


North Dallas Showroom:

15340 North Dallas Parkway, Suite 1000
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